Monday, September 3, 2007


The Welsh Assembly Government should develop a National Transplant Strategy to take a holistic approach to deficiencies in current provision. The current level of transplants is far lower in Wales than people think – just 89 transplants in Cardiff last year – when over 400 to 500 people are waiting across Wales. Without a new transplant facility patients through pure frustration will seek remedies elsewhere and the trend to health tourism is a worrying development. Our children in Wales have transplants in England causing families to travel and stay away from loved ones.
A new transplant unit in Wales is required to expand capacity to deliver kidney transplants. In Wales there is one transplant unit based at UHW in Cardiff; patients in North Wales receive their transplants and initial follow up in England; and all Welsh paediatric transplantation takes place in England. Kidney Wales is aware of business plans being submitted for a new Transplant Unit in Cardiff and this desperately needs to be taken forward.

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