Thursday, September 20, 2007

BBC NEWS | Wales | 'Third World' kidney care claim

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Campaigners want more dialysis units across Wales Kidney patients in part of Wales are suffering "Third World" conditions with renal units at breaking point, a charity has claimed.

Kidney Wales Foundation said some were going "hundreds of miles" a week for treatment in "unacceptable" conditions.

At one hospital it said dialysis was carried out in an "old broom cupboard", and at another 16 patients were treated in a portable cabin sharing one toilet.

"Subjecting sick patients to treatment in poor facilities and making them wait hours to get home is simply not acceptable in the 21st century ".
Allison John, campaign leader

Health Minister Edwina Hart said she was considering treatment provision.

BBC reported on:
More dialysis units across Wales
Better transport and facilities for patients
A dedicated transplant unit at the University Hospital of Wales
One renal organisation to co-ordinate kidney services in Wales
Radical measures to double the number of organ donors by 2011

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