Monday, September 3, 2007

Presumed consent debate

The Welsh Assembly Government or National Assembly must introduce legislation for presumed consent to increase organ donation.

This is of course a complex moral argument, but here in Wales we have not had a public debate about the viability of a presumed consent scheme.

Kidney Wales offers unequivocal support for a system of presumed consent and we are confident that such a debate will lead to the same acceptance of presumed consent in Wales as has happened in other European countries. We will support and work with any Member of the National Assembly for Wales or with the Welsh Assembly Government to bring forward the appropriate legislative framework to draw down to the National Assembly the power to determine how organ donation is facilitated in Wales. An informed discussion on presumed consent is needed in Welsh civil society as in other countries.


Welsh Kidney Patients' Association said...

I fully support KWF call for the Assembly to introduce a law on "presumed consent" BMA Cymru/Wales also asked the Assembly to pass this law in August last year. The Assembly passed the "No Smoking in Public places" law ahead of England. Passing the law on "Presumed Consent" is another opportunity for Wales to lead the way. There are so many patients waiting for a transplant that will give them a chance to lead a normal life. I have been fortunate to have had my transplant for 25 years and am grateful to my donor and donor families. Most people are in favour of donating their organs after death. I am sure that people in Wales will be supportive of the Assembly passing a law on "Presumed Consent"

Ryder Wave said...

Thank you for your support .

Western Mail today 8 September reports and makes your point.