Thursday, September 6, 2007


Patients meet Edwina Hart - Minister for Health and Social Services
Allison John yesterday chaired a meeting of patients with health Minister Edwina Hart in Swansea. The meeting was supported by the Welsh Kidney Patients Association.
The Minister demonstrated that she cared about patient issues and covered a number of subjects to be in the PEOPLE LIKE US CAMPAIGN.
The Campaign will be launched on the 20th of September with the Minister at the National Assembly for Wales at 4pm.
Roy J Thomas Chairman of Kidney Wales said " The meeting went very well and was chaired brilliantly by Allison. The Minister was on good form. Patients respected Edwina Hart and she was very honest. She is in her third major portfolio.She has experience of the issues concerning patients, although she has only been Minister for Health for a short time. Time will tell but we are campaigning with a Minister who listens and understands. Now for action and it will be down to business from the 20th of September. Let's hope others listen within the Assembly."

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Melanie said...

I felt that the meeting with Edwina Hart on Wednesday was most productive. I believed it achieved many things; one of them being that it made the patients who were able to express their views feel as if they were important. All too often as long term patients you become dispondent and disallusioned. For me that meeting has re-ignited the fire in my belly once more and I am ready once more to continue campaigning. If I can not be bothered to fight for my rights why should I expect others to do it for me. When I hear people saying they have no energy to fight just remember "the pen is mightier that the sword" (and a lot less heavy!). Get writing. I intend to.