Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Petitions Committee of the Assembly

Kidney Wales Foundation as part of the PLUS Campaign will attend the new Petitions Committee of the Assembly chaired by Val Lloyd AM (pictured) on 4 October at 12 30pm.

To the National Assembly for Wales:
We, the undersigned, declare the need to increase the number of people in Wales who carry organ donor cards.
We support the assertion in the recently published Welsh Assembly Government statement ‘Designed to Tackle Renal Disease’ that “The supply of donor kidneys… does not match the demand and as a result there is an ever-increasing waiting list for such treatment.”
20 to 22% of the eligible population in Wales is registered on the NHS Organ Donor Register, though 70% of the Welsh population has indicated they would be prepared to be involved in such a scheme.
We, the undersigned, recognise that a united campaign is needed to increase the number of potential organ donors through continued investment in publicity and in education campaigns to increase public awareness of the need for organ donation, to encourage people to enrol on the organ donor register and to make their wishes known to those close to them.
Kidney Wales Foundation has historically been instrumental in promoting organ donation in Wales and wishes to continue to highlight the importance of organ donation
The petitioner(s) therefore request/call on that the National Assembly for Wales to work with Kidney Wales Foundation and other stakeholders to set and achieve a target of doubling kidney donors in Wales by the end of this National Assembly in 2011.
We request that the Assembly match our funding for a campaign by matching our contribution pound for pound.

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