Saturday, September 8, 2007


icWales - Calls for Welsh transplant opt-out scheme click here for full article in Western Mail

Our CAMPAIGN is on the road Western Mail Saturday 8 September 2007

Two of our key supporters Gaynor Taylor and Helena Jones speak up and show leadership

CAMPAIGNERS fighting to increase the number of organ donors in Wales have called on the Chief Medical Officer to break his silence on presumed consent.

And the Kidney Wales Foundation has appealed for new Wales-only laws to change the current organ donor system from an opt-in one to an opt-out system.

Neither Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Jewell nor Health Minister Edwina Hart have publicly stated whether they are in favour of a system of presumed consent, which many believe would increase the number of potential donors and reduce the waiting lists for transplants.
England’s Chief Medical Officer Sir Liam Donaldson has already announced his full support for presumed consent.

Helena Jones, 74, from Glynneath, whose four children need a kidney transplant, said, “Dr Jewell should have the guts to answer the question and not hide behind the skirt of the [Health] Minister.

Gaynor Taylor has kept Richard Taylor's gift alive.

Gaynor Taylor, from Barry who made the decision to donate her skateboarder son Richard’s organs after a tragic accident, described organ donation as “a gift” which can help to ease the pain of losing a loved one.

“If I can do it, others can certainly do it,” she said. “To me it meant that Richard’s life wasn’t in vain and that some good came out of the tragic loss a young life.”
Allison John, from Fishguard, who was the first person in the UK to have a liver, heart and lungs and kidney transplant said, “Wales led the way in calling for a smoking ban, it can do it again with transplants.
“Hundreds of people are dying needlessly because of the dire shortage of organs but there is a way we can save lives if we are brave enough to step in first. The Assembly Government now has the tools to do the job – it’s time to use them.”

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