Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Petitions Committee 4 October 2007

Kidney Wales Foundation to give evidence at 12 30pm

Pictured Val Lloyd AM Chair of Committee

The Kidney Wales Foundation (known for many years as KRUF) was established in 1967. In its 40 year history it has, through a thriving fund raising base, supported many aspects of kidney patient care in Wales including transplantation. In addition Kidney Wales played a major role in getting an organ donor card attached to the new driving licence and was instrumental in setting up Lifeline Wales – a computer register of people willing to be organ donors in the event of their death.
The current level of organ donation in Wales is too low. Many people wish that on their death their organs be used to save the lives of others but have not opted in to the current system. Kidney Wales endorses the suggestion by the Chief Medical Officer for England and the campaign by BMA Wales for a system of presumed consent. Even with improved conventional donation rates the case for presumed consent remains a strong one to vastly increase the availability of organs to meet growing demand.mpaign” aims to demonstrate the need for improved services for kidney patients in Wales and is championed by those patients themselves. The evidence we present below is informed by the experiences and views of those in Wales who live with kidney disease every day.

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