Thursday, October 4, 2007

Evidence to Petitions Committee 4 October 2007 "WALES NEEDS WAKE UP CALL"


Kidney Wales asked the Chair of the Committee Val Lloyd AM and members Andrew RT Davies AM, Peter Black AM and Bethan Jenkins AM to:

Firstly, refer the Petition and proceedings with their deliberations to the Minister for Heath and Social Services so as to inform her Department ‘s Budget which we understand has not been settled and that KW work with her Department.

Secondly, ask the appropriate Committee of the Assembly to consider our evidence further and for that committee to seek further evidence that value for money would be better obtained by the Government in Wales and UKT working with charities like Kidney Wales Foundation.

Thirdly, for the Assembly under our People like Us Campaign to consider the need for more joined up policies on the issue of the organ donor register and presumed consent.

UK as a whole, with a population of 60 million, carried out 3000 transplants during 2006/2007 compared to only 102 for Wales (89 in Cardiff and 13 in Liverpool) – with a population of 3 million. In simple comparative terms 50 less in average per year than the UK. Wales needs a wake up call. What a difference 50 more per year could make to Wales.

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