Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Petitions Committe Evidence 4 October 2007 from Kidney Wales Foundation

Evidence demonstrating the need for more funding on donor awareness will be given to the Petitions Commitee of the Assembly tomorrow at 12 30pm
by Kidney Wales Foundation
pictured Bethan Jenkins new AM and member of Committee

What are the figures of spending by Government's UK Transplant on donor awareness in Wales?

1. 2004-05 £36,674.

2. 2005-06 £42,593, of this £35,000 provided by the Assembly Government.

3. 2006-07 £95,000 made up of £35,000 base funding, plus extra £20,000. £40,000 from the Assembly in March for a leaflet drop.

What is the real effect of our Petition if actioned?

What we are saying is that if the Government increase the amount in 2007 -2008 the figures could look like
UKT base £35,000 plus £20,000= £55,000
Assembly £40,000

Extra £35,000 say from Assembly. We believe more should be allocated.

Matched by us the Kidney Wales Foundation at £35,000

Total is then £165,000. Wales will have over a 67% increase in the budget.


The Chief Medical Officer in England, Sir Liam Donaldson in July this year suggested we adopt an “opt in system” similar to Spain where transplant rates are far higher than they are here. This is known as you all know as the system of “presumed consent”. This would view everybody as a potential donor unless they had opted out before their death. On the day Sir Liam’s Report was published the coverage it received led to 17,000 signing on to the Organ Donor Register operated by UKT we estimate it was around 22,000 after that proving that raising awareness makes a difference.


UK position -400 people die every year waiting for transplant in UK. To meet demand for organs the number of signatures on the ODR would need to almost treble. In UK there are 8,000 people waiting yet just 3,000 transplants carried out every year.

In Wales, 750,000 registered on the ODR that figure are 25 % of population average is 24% in UK. UKT always give that as a justification. Over 400 waiting for a transplant, we believe there are more than this but these is UKT and Govt figures.

Transplants Cardiff 2004-2005, 83 2005-6, 78 and 2006-7 , 89
North Wales Liverpool 2004-2005, 16 2005-6, 16 and 2006-7, 13
All children are transplanted outside of Wales in Bristol and Liverpool.