Sunday, October 21, 2007

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The clinic is still cramped, with patients seated along the edge of a corridor and not in a proper waiting area. Confusion reigns, once you've signed in at reception. Up to 3 people can be in the same room having bloods done at one time with a queue waiting directly outside, looking in. There's not enough room to queue in busy times, and not enough chairs for everyone. I've been in far better organised and more relaxing clinics. A recent report and subsequent news headlines on Wales' kidney service described it as 'third world'. That may have had something to do with the change...
But this time, the staff were all friendly and helpful. They talked to me, I was a real person. I didn't see my drawn out death playing in front of me. It was much more efficient and organised than ever before. And I said thank you and smiled at the nurse as I left.


We found this on a blog . We believe we PLUS is getting through. Thank you In Wales-who ever you are.

We want Wales to provide a World Class Service for Patients.

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