Thursday, October 4, 2007


Dr Dai Lloyd AM will lead a debate on Presumed Consent in the full Plenary of the Assembly on 10 of October at 5pm. Dai said " This is an important subject and I was pleased to be allocated the time this week as I support the People Like Us Campaign" .

Dai has been a supporter of kidney patients' rights for many years. He did the Walk for Life for Kidney Wales Foundation in Dunvant, Swansea in 2004. He wants cross party support. "This is not a Party political issue ".

He added "I understand the new Petitions Committee are seeking a full debate. I aim to use this debate next week as a lead to assist the people of Wales in assisting others less fortunate than us. Kidney patients deserve our support. We will wake everyone up to the need for a change to UK legislation. I am sure the Minister will respond positively. "