Saturday, November 22, 2008

Generosity of Donors

Generosity of organ donors
Nov 21 2008 by Our Correspondent, South Wales Echo

AS someone who knows first hand how it feels to be given a second chance thanks to the generosity of a donor and to be on the waiting list for a third time needing a kidney transplant, I was disappointed to see the Donor Taskforce in England has rejected the introduction of presumed consent.

Here, the Welsh Assembly Government is taking the lead in addressing the shortage of organ donors and helping save lives by embarking upon a wide-ranging public consultation on presumed consent.

Soft presumed consent still means the family is very much part of the consultation at the time of their loved one’s death and their permission for donation sought – it does not mean organs are taken without permission.

If we have this system in Wales and the rest of UK then many, many more lives can be saved and transformed thanks to the gifts of donors.

Melanie Wager, St Athan

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