Monday, November 17, 2008

BBC NEWS | Health | No Surprise English Donor 'opt-out' proposal rejected

BBC NEWS | Health | Donor 'opt-out' proposal rejected

It is not a surprise that the English/UK Taskforce has ignored 1,000 patients who die waiting for a transplant every year in the UK.The lack of imagination and failures in the English NHS should not be read as the same in Wales or Scotland who are prepared save lives and not give excuses as to why this change cannot be implemented.The Taskforce was packed with those against. Anyone who was for was ignored or not invited.

Any change to the system would involve amending the Human Tissue Act of 2004.

Research by the Intensive Care Society suggests many specialists are worried that such a move would damage the trust between patients and doctors. This is an "image" issue.

A report recommending a radical overhaul of the UK organ donor network in a bid to double the number of organs available for transplant, has already been published by the Organ Donor Taskforce, and is being implemented in Wales.

The latest recommendations on presumed consent are not binding and the government in Westminster,Wales Scotland and NI who could decide to press ahead with changes to the legislation.

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