Monday, August 4, 2008

Withybush Dialysis Letter to Western Mail

At last... dialysis unit is very welcome

SIR – As a committee, we would like to express our delight that there is finally going to be a dialysis unit set up at Withybush General Hospital.

This has been our ultimate aim and ambition since our inception as a committee 27 years ago.

After years of lobbying, we had been told over and over again, that there couldn’t and wouldn’t be a unit this far west. We are now beginning to feel hopeful.

We are disappointed that the permanent 21-station facility will take until 2011 to complete, but we are very excited and enthused at the possibility that a six-station temporary unit can be up and running by the end of this year.

This has to be such good news for the patients from Pembrokeshire, who have to face an extended journey to Carmarthen three times weekly for life-saving treatment. For some their day begins as early as 5.30am.

Hopefully, when the permanent unit is under way, facilities can be made available for holidaymakers to dialyse while they and their family are enjoying the wonderful scenery and amenities that the beautiful county of Pembrokeshire has to offer.

As a committee, we intend to continue raising funds to make sure that every comfort and need of those using the new unit will be met.

We are also committed to continue monitoring the progress of the construction and setting up of the units, to ensure that the work is completed as promised, as this facility is both, long overdue and very much welcomed.


Chair, Haverfordwest Committee of Kidney Wales Foundation