Saturday, July 26, 2008

Is the Organ UK Donation Taskforce against presumed consent?

In 2006, the Organ Donation Taskforce was convened to identify barriers to organ donation, analyse factors militating against organ donation and make recommendations for increasing donation rates within existing legal frameworks. The Taskforce's report "Organs for Transplants: A report from the Organ Donation Taskforce" was published on 16 January 2008 and contains a number of major recommendations designed to strengthen the infrastructure for organ donation and transplantation. The Government have accepted the recommendations, in full, and implementation is already under way and we believe can be implemented Wales far quicker than England.The UK wants it done at the same time.

The Taskforce has now been asked to consider the implications of changing to a system of presumed consent for organ donation in the United Kingdom, including the practical, clinical, ethical, legal and societal issues. The Taskforce has established expert working groups to advise on these issues and will report initial findings to Ministers in the summer.

This is a UK Taskforce consisting mainly of civil servants and NHS employees. Not all the evidence is in but signs are that the UK NHS will hijack the discussion and recommend against it.This is closed shop Taskforce. You need to part of the establishment to join or be part of the UK Transplant agenda.

The Assembly Health Committee reports next wednesday 30 of July. Wales may have a different view. It was Wales that mobilised the DVLA to get donation on forms.England and Westminister does not have all the answers on this subject.

Roy J. Thomas Chair of Kidney Wales said " Having given evidence to many committees in recent times we look forward to the Assembly Committee's approach next week.We are due to present our own views to the UK Taskforce in writing the very next day but we have written to the Chair of the UK Taskforce. Wales is still part of the UK but this is sometimes forgotten in London".