Sunday, December 23, 2007


Edwina Hart AM speaking in the Assembly as Health Minister "...the People Like Us campaign. It has been an exceptionally responsible campaign that has tried to highlight what practical actions we can take to improve the quality of life of patients with renal problems. I have responded directly to People Like Us about the issues that have arisen from its document and I would be happy to share that with Assembly Members, because it will indicate my thinking. I have also recently met representatives of the campaign. It has been proactive in making arrangements for me to meet with other voluntary organisations with an interest in the whole issue of donors. It is important that we have an integrated campaign about donors."

David Melding AM"I commend the People Like Us campaign on raising these issues in a constructive way. It has said a few things to which you may want to respond at some point, Minister. It has argued for one organisation to commission services across Wales, thereby ensuring a consistent standard. I am not sure what your response to that would be, Minister, but it is worthy of consideration. Such a model could meet many of the concerns that people have. Also the need for better preventative work, and the management of chronic disease—kidney disease in this case—needs to be emphasised too. "

JENNY RANDERSON AM "... I commend the work of the Kidney Wales Foundation and the People Like Us campaign, which has worked hard to put this issue on the agenda. It is clear that it has succeeded in stage one of its campaign."

EDWINA HART AM "I concur with your comments about the Kidney Wales Foundation, which has done an excellent job in highlighting these issues to the public and to us as politicians. It is to be commended for that, because that is the role of the voluntary sector. The good thing is that the voluntary sector can see quite clearly that it has been successful in helping Government to look at their policies. That is a plus for the Government and for the working of the National Assembly, which is an important point to note."

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