Friday, August 10, 2007

People Like Us Campaign- An Introduction

The Kidney Wales “People Like Us” + Campaign

Kidney Wales is celebrating 40 years of working for kidney patients and their families this year. The purpose of the “People Like Us” Campaign is to:

Strengthen and unify the voices of thousands with kidney disease;
Provide a platform of patient and carer families to ensure messages get through to the elected members, government agencies and others;
Present an accurate and compelling picture for the general public by showing the true human faces of kidney disease in Wales.

People Like Us” covers:

Patient and Family Groups;
Donor Family Groups;
and Transplant Recipients;

… and will campaign to ensure that people with kidney disease receive the best care possible by seeking changes and actions in renal health care rather than tomorrow’s promises.

The “People Like Us” Campaign will be launched in September 2007 in venues across Wales.
(Pictured Allison John advertising the HSBC KIDNEY WALES 10 and 2k RACE AND FUN RUN)

The “People Like Us” Campaign is led by Kidney Wales Foundation and the Welsh Kidney Patients Association and led by Allison John who has experienced dialysis and had a liver, heart, lung and kidney transplant and is the first person in the UK to do so.
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