Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sons Joy At Dads Kidney Lifeline (from South Wales Argus)

Sons Joy At Dads Kidney Lifeline (from South Wales Argus)

Son's joy at dad's kidney lifeline
By Ben Frampton

Lyndon Kenvin (l) with his son Nick
A GWENT man said being the first person in Wales to undergo a kidney transplant from a donor from a different blood group has given him his life back.

Nicholas Kenvin received the kidney from his father Lyndon and said the transplant gave him a "second chance."

Mr Kenvin, 28, went to his GP in November 2006 feeling constantly tired. He was referred to a hospital and diagnosed with Alport's syndrome, a condition that causes kidney failure.

His parents were both screened as potential live donors, and doctors tested the level of antibodies in each to see who would be the least likely to donate a kidney which would be rejected.

Mr Kenvin's father proved to be more compatible on that front.

However, Mr Kenvin's blood group is O and his father is group A, so initially he wasn't considered as a donor.

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