Thursday, April 3, 2008

When they told me a kidney match had been found I cried - icWales

When they told me a kidney match had been found I cried - icWales click for full story

Everyone at Kidney Wales has great news when leading KW volunteer in the People Like Us Campaign had the call for a transplant . Read about her in the Echo tonight or click here. Picture Jayne Williams and her very supportive Family

After her diagnosis Jayne, who said she’d love to get back behind the bar, said she’s now devoting herself to the work of the Kidney Wales Foundation and their charity campaign to get more donors and raise money for kidney research.

“Whatever they want me to do I’ll do".
Jane, 34, of Glyndwr Road, Barry, had been undergoing dialysis four times a day taking 40 minutes a time – a treatment she carried out herself at home.
“The waiting was just horrible and only those who are on a waiting list for a transplant know what it’s like. It could be tomorrow it could be next year, you never know.”

But Jayne was driven by an optimism supported by her two young sons Ashley, 16, and Tarl, 12, who with husband Philip, rallied round to help her keep the family home running.
Everyone at Kidney Wales appreciates her work ethic .
"Jayne has been amazing in the Office and has already given of her time with Phil . Ashley is in School with my Son and is a great guy and a very good rugby player! Tarl and Ashley have been worried about their Mum .It is great news and what we want for all our patients in Wales -World Class treatment. " Said Roy J. Thomas Chairman of Kidney Wales Foundation.